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We all wonder sometimes, “Is my period normal?” It’s natural to wonder, especially considering the taboo around talking about menstruation. Luckily, we are here to bust that taboo! Read on for what your period blood might be telling you—we promise you will be glad to learn more.

Concerns about weight gain may lead women to skip a daily contraceptive pill, new US research has found, confirming long- suspected beliefs that fear of gaining weight can affect which contraceptive method women choose.

We’ve all seen the products claiming to cure cellulite – but do they actually work? The first scientific review testing the benefits of cellulite creams and lotions has some interesting findings…

Your period should never stop you from being active and outdoors, so we’ve compiled a list of ten quick tips for camping on your period so that you can confidently spend a weekend in the woods.  

Women have more contraception options than ever before, which is only a good thing. But sometimes with great choice comes greater confusion - how do we choose when faced with multiple effective contraception methods? Well, it depends on what you want.

To mark World Mental Health Day 2016, we take a look at what to say - and what not to say - to a friend or loved one dealing with mental health issues, which affect more women than you know.

To mark World Contraception Day 2016 (September 26th) Bayer has conducted revealing new research entitled ‘Millennials and Contraception – Why do we forget’, which sheds light on how daily stress and lifestyle changes have a profound impact on Irish millennial women’s memory.

Not a day goes by without another article or blog post preaching the benefits of the ancient health practice – but does yoga actually improve your health and wellbeing in a significant way?

A new study has found that LARC may be the safest and most reliable method for menstrual suppression - something very important for female astronauts (and women in the military) who have specific needs when it comes to managing their periods.

To mark the launch of the new at-home test for diagnosing vaginal infections, we list ten ways to diagnose and prevent thrust and BV.